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our history

North Star Plumbing & Heating has been servicing the Kirkland Lake and surrounding areas since its very beginnings in 1930. The company started as a one-man sheet metal shop and grew to the current heating, cooling, sheet metal, and plumbing operations North Star currently offers. 

My Story

In 1930, Fred Acton opened North Star - then called North Star Sheet Metal - and was first located at 22 McCamus Ave in Kirkland Lake, ON (pictured to the left). At the time, North Star was a one-man operation that later grew into a sheet metal, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and electrical company that employed relatives as co-owners. 


North Star was operational in the days when coal, oil, and electricity were the main sources of heat. At the time, North Star offices were established in Kirkland Lake, Larder Lake, & Virginiatown.


When natural gas lines were installed in the area, the heating method changed drastically - and North Star was there! Besides being involved with residential heating, North Star was heavily involved in the construction business throughout the north, doing mechanical work for hospitals, arenas, and schools as far away as Moosonee & Fort Albany on the James Bay Coast.




the middle

In time, business evolved and in 1984, Leo Benoit & partners bought the business. At this time, it was decided that North Star would focus more on the residential and commercial side of business and centralize operations within the parameters of Kirkland Lake and immediate area.


There were major advancements in the plumbing & HVAC technologies during this time and North Star was right there ready and educated to bring them to our community. The showroom went under a major renovation to help showcase these new products and how they work in a home setting.

the present

Present day North Star focuses on plumbing, heating/cooling, and sheet metal. The company is currently owned by Kyle Sayer & David Benoit, and consists of plumbers, gas technicians, refrigeration mechanics, sheet metal workers, and office staff.


Often times our trades people came into the business as young individuals seeking employment and taking apprenticeships to become qualified trades people. Our parts manager and various office staff assist our customers, our employees, and the business with their day-to-day needs.


Our team is constantly upgrading their education and credentials in order to keep up with changing technology so that we can serve our customers with the newest innovations available in our fields. We pride ourselves in how multifaceted our employees are, as well as their ability to adapt to any new standards.

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