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Whether you are going natural gas/propane or electrics, we have modern and highly efficient boilers to heat your home!

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The current slate of gas/propane boilers we install are the tankless condensing varieties from Navien and are available in both the regular or fire tube models. They are energy efficient, compact, and sleek in design. Both models are available in the combi variety, as well, providing both hydronic heating and domestic hot water (hot water on demand). If you are looking for an electric boiler option, we also install Viessmann’s Vitotron 100 model.   



Navien is the leader in condensing technology, offering high efficiency condensing boilers with superior 95% AFUE efficiency ratings. These units are compact and wall hung – taking up to 80% less space than traditional floor standing boilers. They are mounted on and vented directly through an external wall. These units have a sleek design, are quiet, and have an easy-to-use digital control menu. This menu not only sets your water temperature, but also displays error code readings to easily troubleshoot if there was ever an issue with the boiler. Navien boilers are designed for the modern age with ease of use and your comfort in mind. 


Firetube boilers are similar to the regular condensing boilers, but offer a higher operational capacity at that same high efficiency of 95% AFUE. Due to this higher capacity, Navien has patented their firetube stainless steel heat exchanger that is specifically designed in a way to reduce weld failures caused by high stress. This heat exchanger is also insulated to reduce heat loss and has a one piece combustion chamber to prevent corrosion. 


Combi boilers are a fantastic option if you are already looking to upgrade your heating system. Combi boilers in addition to hydronic heating, offer domestic hot water as well. This means you are getting the benefits of both a boiler and a tankless water heater in one compact unit. They contain a dual stainless steel heat exchanger for heating, and a separate heat exchanger for hot water. This means if there were ever an issue on the heating side, it won't necessarily effect your hot water too - and vice versa. These units are also popular options not only for homes, but also garages. Combi boilers are available in the firetube model as well. 


electric BOILER

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With the increased price of fuel, as well as increased interest in eco-friendly heating, we have had many customer inquire about going electric. In response, we have chosen to offer the Viessmann Vitotron electric boiler. 

These boilers are compact, quiet, and sleek in design. The Vitotron boiler is also incredibly efficient - up to 99.4%! It has an outside temperature sensor that automatically adjusts the hydronic temperature according to outside temperatures.  


Electric boilers are made with fewer moving parts in comparison to gas boilers, meaning they require less maintenance. These units also require no gas connections, venting, or boiler rooms, meaning they can be installed virtually anywhere in a home with a power source.

if you have questions about these boilers, or would like a quote on one, please do not hesitate to contact us at the office! 

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